Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Suzie Verrico - Model - from Big Brother

Suzie Verrico - Model

Suzie is a professional commercial model and actress.

She has appeared in ads such as Mediterranean Cup A Soup, Frey Bentos & Pot Noodle, with recent appearances including Mastercard & Love-It.

Suzie is now managed exclusively by Cherry Parker at RSM Artistes Management

Height: 5'9"
Bust: 34F
Waist: 25"
Hips: 36"
Dress: 10
Shoe: 6
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown

Television Credits
Innovation Nation (Inventions) Big Brother
This Morning Love-it

Commercial Credits
Mastercard Pot Noodle
Mediterranean Cup A Soup Frey Bentos

Accents & Dialects
*RP, London, Cockney, Liverpool, Manchester, Yorkshire, Midlands, Irish, Scottish, French, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Standard American, Spanish, Italian.
(*highly skilled)
TV Presenting*, Comedy*, Voice-over* Autocue*
Music & Dance Contemporary Dance, Salsa, Ballroom
Other Skills
(* highly skilled)
Yoga, Fitness, Cooking*
view Suzie in Wicked Game Video
warning: adult content
Big Brother Info
The winner of the golden ticket has entered the Big Brother house. Suzie Verrico had auditioned for the show several times in the past without success.

As the Golden Housemate, she has to abide by certain rules: she must not disclose information about Big Brother to the housemates. She must stay in her own private golden quarters - which include a golden toilet and finally, she must wear gold at all times.

Next week's nominations take place on Monday - but in a Big Brother twist, only the Golden Housemate is permitted to nominate. The two people she nominates will definitely face the public vote.

Kent resident Suzie is 43-years-old and works as a model. She failed to win a golden ticket at first (despite her husband buying her 60 boxes of Kit Kats) but eventually struck lucky when her devoted spouse forked out £4,000 for a ticket and made her dream come true.

Suzie is immensely proud of her boob job and is looking forward to comparing assets with Lea in the house. She says there are three reasons why the housemates might nominate her - that they might find her stuck up, be intimidated by her confidence and find her bossy. The brunette also says she does not loan out her shoes and clothes and finds other people's bodily functions irritating, especially when it comes to farting. So it looks like Glyn will have to watch out.

On entering the house, dressed in a slinky black dress, she immediately demanded a cup of tea before being called to the Diary Room by Big Brother and told of her role as the Golden Housemate. But of course, in true devious Big Brother style, there has to be a twist. Suzie now holds the fate of the housemates in her hands - being the only one allowed to nominate next week, and also the only one not to know about it. Let's see how the backstabbers in the house deal with this one.

Suzie, from West Malling, Kent, auditioned three times for Big Brother and was a stand-in for Big Brother 5 and had met Nikki before - they sat next to each other and discussed plastic surgery and Suzie also chatted to Richard.

Suzie Verrico is 43 and is a professional model who has appeared in ads. You can see photos of Big Brother's Suzie Verrico and her measurements in this artists website.

Suzie has a 21 year-old daughter. She has been married 6 years but Suzie and her husband have been together for 10 years. Suzie used to go to clubs, but prefers going to restaurants and theatre these days.